Lake Song

I was very fortunate to have been able to spend a few minutes in a real-life studio to record a song that I wrote for a family gathering, commemorating 10 decades of sandy underwear, bonfires, and finding constellations in the night sky over Lake Michigan. We celebrated the love we have for our family, neighbors, and lake, that has endured year after year and will continue to do so for many years to come. The song is an instrumental piece, because I wanted the listeners to not be limited to my personal lyrics, but to allow their memories to be the words. Many were touched by it and encouraged me record it “for real”. Now, having followed that encouragement, I’ve made it available to others. There is a download available for it via soundcloud at no cost, if you do enjoy it, which I sure hope you do!

The View From My Office


The View From My Office

No, this is not a Southern ocean shoreline, but the Lake Michigan shore line from the bluff in Holland, Michigan. I moved into my Grandmother’s house today. My mission for the next few months is simple: Work and Save. Pending acceptance to East Tennessee State University, I’ll be leaving this lake shore oasis to make home in the mountainous-oasis of Tennessee.

Remember that post a couple months ago about finding “home?” Well, with this recent move and hopefully the move to TN, I’m certainly on my way to that goal. But it has not been without some intense trial. I had to become a child just when I thought I was leaving adolescence behind. Continue reading

Faith Like the Fall


You all saw my lake-front view, so now I’m showing you all another patch of the property. The land has been in my family for just over one-hundred years, and most all of those trees you see lining the road and across the way were planted by my great-great-grandfather, Albion Hobson. There are hundreds of trees on the land. When I set out to write a new post, I thought, “I’m going to be specific and count every tree.” Well,  I didn’t get very far. Not only is half of the property dense forestland, but there were more important things I had to attend to.

I had to rake. I still have to rake. The majority of the trees are maple. Massive, towering, century-old (and older) maples. If it sounds like I’m complaining, I am. Every day this week, I’ve ventured into the fall wonderland equipped with my tool of choice (a leaf blower) and set out to clearing as many leaves as I could. I know, I know — It can’t be that hard with a leaf blower, right? As it turns out, it’s actually easier to physically rake them than it is to stroll behind a rising plume of leaves, cringing, whispering apologies to the hundreds of worms being so traumatically blown away from their new homes.

I did this most mornings, drearily glancing up at the trees, all too aware of the thousands of leaves that had not yet fallen. More than once I said to myself, “This is stupid. I’m going to let them all fall, then I’ll deal with them.” And yet, I continued to work, even when I heard the far off rumbling in the sky – the promise of rain (and subsequently more leaves for me to rake/blow.)

Of course there’s a lesson in all of this. There has to be, otherwise I’m just a crazy woman talking to worms and cursing trees. Okay, perhaps I am a crazy woman talking to worms and cursing trees, but go with me for a minute.

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What Can Harm Me?

I wrote this while on a 24-hour long bus ride. It was while we were driving through the Smoky Mountains that nature’s undeniable beauty and the words of an A.W. Tozer  sermon compelled me to put pen to paper – or – fingers to keyboard. “Nothing can harm a man (or woman) who follows that which is Good” is an essential truth that I think is all the more important to remember when we live in a world ridden with disease and illnesses which do all kinds of harm to our bodies, but not our souls. We are only harmed if we allow the physical to impact our spiritual selves, and by following that which is Good, we combat the devil’s attempts to lure us away with worldly pain.   

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Can’t Find My Way Home

In the past year or so, I’ve wandered more than I ever wandered before. I took adventures on planes, buses, trains, etc… and visited places I’d never been to. It came naturally to me, the going off in search of something fun and new, different and intriguing. However, I find it is the plight of people who bounce between houses and never really settle on that one concrete foundation to always seek something other than what they’ve had for so long.

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